Its history

MIT was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of our steel partners as well as the legal requirements of the ballistic protection profession. Our primary vocation is to meet the needs of our partners and to accompany them in their choices.

We store the steel for them and process our products according to their needs. Grace Thanks to our long-standing business relationships, we have been able to capitalize on our know-how and adapt to the market and its evolutions. MIT is a serious partner in the ballistic protection solutions business.

Our team has identified the strengths of each steel plant and will give you the opportunity to combine different producers. We can give you advise in all neutrality.

MIT have all the necessary accreditations to provide the solutions you need:

  • Opening of export permits
  • Documentary follow-up of declarations
  • Accreditation for the manufacture and marketing of weapons of war

We are working with all steelworkers in order to offer you the steel that you have qualified or to bring you the necessary advice to make your choice.

MIT has an inventory of products to meet the needs of customers.

Its ressources